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On iOS 6? Get a rough version of Google Maps with the original icon via the web.

09 Jul 2012  |  Tags: , , , , ,

UPDATE 2012/09/29: YouTube icon also available below, by request.

iOS 6 replaces the original Google Maps application that’s been bundled since iOS 1.0 with its own “Apple Maps” software. Google offers a web-based version of Google Maps, but the icon is much worse than the original one from Apple.

Until Google releases a downloadable copy of Google Maps for iPhone, here are some installable web profiles that retain the original icon for Google Maps on iPhone + allow the Web App to run fullscreen.

iPhone:  http://uploads.benguild.com/ios6googlemapsicon.mobileconfig

iPad:  http://uploads.benguild.com/ios6googlemapsicon_ipad.mobileconfig

FYI, if it asks you for a password, enter your device’s passcode to confirm the install.

In the screenshot below, I tested this on an iPad running iOS 5, but these profiles are designed for iOS 6 only.

Two Google Maps icons on iOS! (iPad screenshot) 

The web-based version of Google Maps is far from perfect, but this does allow it to run fullscreen and retain the original icon. Try it out!


Jordan wrote me an email today and asked for a YouTube icon. Although Google has already gone and released its own actual YouTube App for iOS, I figured… why not?

This restores the original YouTube icon, and creates a web App for it:

iPhone:  http://uploads.benguild.com/ios6youtubeicon.mobileconfig

iPad:  http://uploads.benguild.com/ios6youtubeicon_ipad.mobileconfig

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