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Don't be lazy!

01 Aug 2012  |  Tags: ,

Lately, I’ve noticed there are two kinds of “lazy”:

Lazy (relaxed):  Typically, this can be positive and the result of overcoming a large task or enjoying a long weekend/vacation. You’re not in the mood to be wasting time on things that are avoidable and perhaps inefficient. — Not always a bad thing, but such a large attitude change can be the result of a large burst of work, prior stress, and a lack of balance or delegation. (i.e. below, “lazy” form #2)

Lazy (A.D.D.-ing):  This kind of lazy is because you’re typically avoiding important tasks or assignments due to fear or time/energy concerns, and cannot focus on them. Sites like Reddit generally burn up this time. — The best approach is to chip away at large tasks in small blocks and overcome the obstacle more gradually. This can also help avoid the first “lazy” state. (above)

There’s nothing wrong with being lazy for positive reasons and personal benefit, but beware that it may be consequential of other inefficiencies in your life! Be efficient instead.

If you’re having trouble doing anything, try exercising for a focus boost afterward or, worst case, a cup of tea for some natural caffeine. However, try to use caffeine sparingly!

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