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Flat iOS 7 design: LifeSim game I built for iOS based on "Conway's Game of Life"

24 Nov 2013  |  Tags: , , , ,

UPDATE 2016/02/16: This simple project has also been open-sourced on GitHub!

During my parents' recent visit to San Francisco, my mother and I checked out the local Exploratorium science museum. I loved some of their interactive visual displays, and decided to build my own rendition of “Conway's Game of Life” for the iPhone/iPad that same night.

LifeSim, based on Conway's Game of Life and built stylishly for the iPhone/iPad and iOS 7

It's a pretty simple game, but has some nice effects and only took me a few hours to code. There's iPad support as mentioned, and it of course bears a stylishly flat “iOS 7” design and icon. Check it out! (it's free)

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