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Announcing "Accounts"

18 May 2014  |  Tags: , , , ,

I started this project called Accounts on a plane ride last year… while thinking, “What would a social network that I'd actually want to use look like?” — All in all, it came down to one thing: the lowest common denominator.

Accounts (logo)

[ Download the 1.0.16 beta for iOS… ]

Nowadays, we try new Apps and services constantly, but the “lock-in” of social networks somewhat limits our mobility. Our contacts list on our mobile-devices is more or less our only form of portability, and yet it doesn't provide much interactivity beyond just the traditional contact methods themselves. — No notifications, no seamless updates… you're responsible for your own address book presently, and many of them are in complete disarray.

Enter Accounts. It's currently for iOS, but there are also mobile-web and desktop (then Android) versions coming soon. It detects the Apps on your device, and gives you a list of three things: your services, your contacts, and your contacts' services.

…That's it. (oh, and their basic contact information such as email/telephone)

Account screenshot #1   Account screenshot #2   Account screenshot #5

It keeps this information up-to-date, and serves as a longterm reference. It's time for something like this to exist on all platforms, and remain simple. Forever.

“Won't I be locked into this, as well,” you ask? No, because there's nothing on it. It's just your contacts, and the services that they use. If you want to leave, there's nothing to leave because your content isn't there.

We'll even make it easy to leave by syncing your contacts through our future API interface, for both your own use and other third-party developers' use.

Account screenshot #3   Account screenshot #4

I think that this is a great way to stay connected, because it actually forms a longterm connection with no strings attached. There's no featureset to judge or become bored with, no content to manage, and no complex settings to control. We're not cramming features down your throat, violating your privacy, or making you look at ads in a spammy news feed. It's just you, the people you know, and the services that you both use for getting in touch with them. Accounts updates this information automatically for you, and through the API it can become the “contacts backbone” of the Apps that you'll love in the future. It's a stable and simple ‘base’ product, with powerful tools for developers.

This could eliminate social network lock-in, and provide true contacts and relationship portability. With your interest, I'm building a company around this idea.

Check out the beta App, and stay tuned for updates. http://www.accounts.ms

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