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Apple => Intel -- Round-Up Summary

06 Jun 2005  |  Tags: ,

Alright, so the rumors were true. Apple is switching to straight-up Intel chips; no not Intel PowerPC chips, just Intel chips… the same ones in gaming rigs and crappy Acers alike. However, what’s good is that for consumers, there’s absolutely nothing that we need to do, pretty much. This change really only sucks for the software developers since some are going to have to re-do a LOT of code, but there’s a good chance more games and such can be ported to Mac more easily and that sort of thing. Luckily, Apple has eased the transition for about 90% of of all Mac applications using their powerful new ‘Universal Binary’ and ‘Rosetta’ systems. We’ll see how things go!

What’s really cool is it sounds like they’re planning it so that Macs will be able to dual-boot Windows and Mac OS X. (No, you can’t put Mac OS X on an ordinary beige-box PC, but chances are hackers and script-kiddies will get it there eventually.) UPDATE: Apparently, this is not true. However, it’s been said that “Windows may run on Macs” and there’s no reason why you can’t boot from separate partitions or drives.

In the end, this wasn’t the most thrilling announcement after-all… I would have rather seen OS X for x86-based PCs (like ordinary Dell, Gateway, etc.), but that would have never happened since Apple makes its $$ from their hardware sales. Interestingly enough, as anticipated by various Mac-enthusiasts, OS X has been running on PCs in their labs since its initial development. I wonder what else Apple isn’t telling us. ;)

(Thanks to Defpol and Steve Job’s WWDC Keynote Stream for pointing out some of my previous mistakes in this post. Sorry guys, I was a bit misinformed.)

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