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Grand Theft Auto (for PSP) Rumors

13 Jun 2005  |  Tags: ,

Okay so the buzz around Grand Theft Auto for the PSP has been pretty quiet since the game got pushed back from like May release to July or so. (Right now, Amazon says it’s coming out on July 20.) Moving on, here’s what I’ve heard.

First off, very little has been said about the game itself, but today some screen shots were leaked online. (It appears they were scanned out of a magazine published in the UK.)

What’s been confirmed:

  • No multiplayer. (crap)
  • The game actually takes place back in Liberty City, but before GTA3. This game takes place in 1998, not 2001. Various elements, such as the cars and businesses in the game, have been dated back a few years to support the change.
  • You will be able to play your own MP3s off of the memory stick.
  • You will play a different character in the game, named Joey Cipriani, rather than the “unnamed, non-speaking” character in the original GTA3.

What hasn’t been confirmed, but I believe, is that the game will NOT have a free-roam mode. I’m expecting it to be a “Golden-Eye”-style game where between missions you return to the menu and can either move forward or adjust options. This is a shame, but it’s to be expected as it’s what the name “Liberty City Stories” foretells. Hidden Packages, etc. will be picked up *during* missions.

We’ll see. I doubt a GTA game would be a complete flop, but there certainly are limitations.

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