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The Jar of Change. (Part 1)

02 Aug 2005  |  Tags: ,

Nothing pisses me off more than getting 98 cents worth of change when you buy something… it makes you want to carry around some pennies just-in-case. (some people do!) Well anyway, instead of throwing my change in a pile, I found this jar to throw it all in, then proceeded to look all-over my bedroom for any loose quarters, dimes, and nickels…. and pennies… to try to fill this thing to the brim.

It’s not QUITE full, but I decided to take it to the bank anyway. Screw Coinstar, they charge like 4% or something… and those damn machines are always broken. Instead, the bank will take it for free. :) :) :) However, not my bank, because it was CLOSED. :( :( :( What bank closes at 4PM on a Tuesday!? This bank does… it’s only open ‘til 5PM on like Friday or something. What a jip!

That got me thinking… buckling the jar back into the front-seat so that it wouldn’t tip over and fall on the floor… how much is this jar actually worth?? A quick look at the top… it’s practically lined with quarters. $20… $40… even $60??? Hmmm, perhaps I will be able to buy those new brakes I wanted.

To be continued…


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