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The Jar of Change. (Part 2)

03 Aug 2005  |  Tags: ,

So I went back to the bank today with my gigantic jar of change (even though it was only about 1/6th full) and was immediately turned away and given a set of coin rolling wrappers. Damn it! Coinstar’s looking pretty good right about now.

So I go home, get this change sorter thing I’ve like never used, and start pouring the jar into this little machine. After fighting with the damn machine (it was jamming from overloading… whoops) for like 20 minutes I had all of my coins rolled into, well, rolls. Word. The total was $46.50… not bad!

Of course, the damn bank closed at 4PM so I had to bomb over to Stop & Shop and go to the one there. Finally, the damn jar’s empty.

UPDATE: The jar is no longer empty. It has 2 quarters, 4 dimes, and a nickel in it. (and some pennies)

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