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GTI Intake [+HP]

10 Aug 2005  |  Tags: ,

Installing an after-market intake in your car is a great way to get some cheap Horsepower. This particular engine’s a fairly easy install… took about 3 or 4 hours total. (Turned into a two day project, just like everything else, due to a bad grounding point below the battery that was causing my windshield wipers and blinkers to turn on at random. However, I took care of that this morning… and am since exhausted!)

Remove battery, remove old airbox intake system, jack car up, attach new intake, secure, install filter, replace battery, rev-engine a lot and hear that power! Seriously, the engine feels so much looser now… like it can actually BREATHE. The new system is, of course, a cold air intake from below the car rather than the engine bay. The only disadvantage to this is that if you drive the car into a river and don’t cut the engine right away (as in, before the water can get all-up-in-thur), your engine could inhail some of it and, well, that’d be bad. :)


Before. :)



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