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Blackberry Curve (8310) Review

20 Mar 2008  |  Tags: ,

A while ago I switched to a Blackberry… without telling anyone. No posts, no blurbs. And since then I’ve never looked back… well, only a little bit! I do miss my Sony Ericsson W910i that I special-ordered but foregoing email-in-my-pocket-on-the-fly any longer just seemed impossible.

New Blackberry

When asked on Flickr what I thought about it… I replied: "It’s pretty solid. I unlocked all of the carriers’ themes and ended up choosing the Vodafone one, it’s pretty neat. Applications I installed are Facebook, Google Maps, Opera Mini, Instant Messenger (AIM/MSN/Yahoo!), and MusicID. (last two were downloaded from AT&T; for free, others from their respective developers’ websites)

I haven’t used my iPhone in months… I really like how this has an actual keyboard, flash for the camera, regular headphone jack (not needing an adapter), expandable memory, expandable functionality, and it’s a bit more rugged and less smooth (doesn’t slip out of your pocket when standing up or sitting down). Oh, and you can tether Internet via Bluetooth (like a normal phone) which was a huge turn-off for me with the iPhone. I need emergency Internet from time-to-time and any phone I look-at has to have it.”

Blackberry Apps

So yeah, I’m pretty happy with it. I honestly really think it’s an all-around good device — not too flashy, not too thin… yet not too impractical or ill-equipped. The ONLY thing I wish it could do was use the camera to record short videos for YouTube or emailing. This is the only downfall I’ve found… that and the lack of a 3G-connection, which isn’t a huge deal at least right-now.

When I bought this I had about a 50/50 chance of returning it (as I have with past Blackberry purchases) but this one I’ve been using and loving, so until the iPhone can catch-up to my standards this is my lovely new center of all being ‘smash’… you can call me a crackberry.

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