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Paprika: Movie review

21 Jun 2008  |  Tags: , , ,

Haven’t posted in a while, sorry guys. Figured I’d review a movie I’d seen recently.

Paprika is an anime-film about a therapist with a device to enter people’s dreams. (It’s called a “DC Mini”.) However, we soon learn that the device was stolen from its development facility, along with two others. To make matters worse, each device was taken before they were protected for use on just-anyone for just-about-anything. No safeguards… but this is where the magic of the story begins.

You’ll have to watch it to learn the rest, I won’t spoil it. But you’re probably thinking… “dude, I am not watching a movie about something like this and reading subtitles trying to understand what the hell they’re talking about”… NOT TO WORRY. I felt the same way (obviously) and switched the Audio to ‘English’. Problem solved, and it’s also available in French, Spanish, and a few others.

The colors / scenes / and plot of this film are fantastic… not at all as inspiring as I’d initially expected. The film absolutely blew-my-mind, especially since I could watch it in high-definition… it’s out on Blu-Ray disc! My PlayStation 3 had no problems playing back the DVD and navigating its features. It’s one of those movies you’ll always remember if you don’t usually watch this sort of thing; contacting you on a subliminal level almost. Its editorial-reviews use words like “mesmerizing” and “dreamed”.

Anyway, definitely check it out. I’ll try to post more often about interesting stuff again. Also, here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry for a better understanding and more information… but beware of plot spoilers!! Enjoy.

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