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Comcast vs. Verizon FIOS Install jobs in Apartment Complex [HORROR]

22 Jun 2008  |  Tags: ,

Check out these install photos. Is Comcast joking, seriously? The door doesn’t even close/lock to the juncture-box because the wiring is a “coaxial-mess!!” Clearly they just don’t care!! I hope nobody opens their monthly bill to find their neighbors’ On-Demand purchases, hah.

Verizon neatly routes and wires their fiber-optic lines to the premises, rather than tens if not hundreds of separate, bulky cable connections. What a disaster… I guess Comcast’s TV-Commercials is really all they have to convince you that you’re actually getting close to the fiber-opticness of a FIOS line. “America’s Largest Fiber-Optic Network”… yeah right, check out the picture below to see how you’re getting connected for real.

Thanks to my buddy Jared for not only posing in the photos, but also for bringing this to my attention!

Verizon FIOS, super-clean install:




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