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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Simon Wai prototype)

21 Sep 2008  |  Tags: ,

Way back in the day, I was too young to have had an original Sega Genesis. However, I had the Sega Nomad, the brick-sized Genesis “portable” that got an overwhelming 30-40 minutes maximum to a fresh set of 6-AA batteries.

My favorite game was always Sonic 2, it was so fun to play and there were lots of cool cheat-codes to do hidden things when you were bored. (Super Sonic, Debug mode, Level Select, Night mode, among others) So, naturally when I found out that there was an UNRELEASED BETA of the game floating around online in ROM-format, I had to check it out.

There are previously unreleased and/or incomplete levels in this version of the game… AWESOME. Plus a lot of the old classics in their incomplete or beta formats. It’s pretty cool to play if you’ve played the game. I’m using an emulator called Genesis Plus to play it on my Mac right now.

FYI there are some key combos you need to know to play this:

  • A+Start at the main screen = level select (otherwise you can only play the first level)
  • B+Start for two-player
    … I guess that’s pretty much it!

Have fun, linked is a page at Sonic Retro with more information and a level-list that shows which zones are playable and which got either cut from the game, renamed, or combined/redesigned before the final release. There’s a really cool one called Wood Zone that I’m really sad didn’t make the cut, and also Hidden Palace Zone which seems pretty cool and is fairly playable in this beta, as well!

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