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Waiting for an update to 'Fallout 3'...

17 Nov 2008  |  Tags: ,

I saw a friend of mine’s roommate playing Fallout 3 at this house the other night. Very pleased with it, reminds me of a combination of Half-Life 2 (one of my favorites) and Smuggler’s Run (similar theming, but a driving-game).

So basically for the past 24-hours I’ve been on-and-off glued to the game for hours at a time. It’s very open-ended, yet driven. Challenging, but not impossible or frustrating. Also, there are plenty of optional bonus quests to do on the side that aren’t particularly distracting or annoying… they are actually satisfying to complete! (you discover new areas, get paid decently, meet people that give you more side-quests, etc.)

So yeah, highly recommended… BUT, I found a bug. Others have found it, too....

[source: Fallout @ Wikia] "There is a known bug in all versions of the game where, if you do not exit Galaxy News Radio via the back door as Three Dog instructs, you will be unable to return to the building to complete the quest via the front door (using the intercom will result in the doorman telling you that it’s open, when it’s not), and the side-door will be locked and require a successful very hard lockpick to open. It is not known if you can backtrack from Dupont Circle to the back door, but dialog from Three Dog when you accept the quest would suggest that you cannot. Picking the very hard side door will result in negative karma, but will allow you entrance to the building to complete this quest."

I never heard this part of the conversation with Three Dog, so naturally I just went out the way I came in. Nor did I receive a key for the door, which I’m pretty sure was required since I tried to use that door before even talking to him and it was locked. (requiring a key) Weird.

So obviously, this bug breaks the game. You cannot go any further unless you either:

  1. Browse around randomly and eventually discover ‘Rivet City’, where you can then resume your quest with a new goal.
  2. Check an online walkthrough at GameFAQs or something that tells you where to go next

As mentioned, this ALSO locks you out of the Dupont Circle region unless you find it manually… and also, the game is constantly telling you to “Return to Three Dog to talk about Dad” or whatever. Hah. This is one of the first times I’ve ever run into a bug like this in a game of this scale. Luckily, with these modern gaming-systems, they can patch it remotely and send out an update to everyone.

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