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iPhone 4 "bumper" cases suck; buy this instead!

14 Jul 2010  |  Tags: , , ,

So, as you know, I’m experimenting with an iPhone 4 opposed to my BlackBerry right now. I think I’m going to keep it. One of the things I dreaded was buying one of the overpriced “iPhone cases” that every third-party is making huge money from. Prices average $20-30…. for plastic, perhaps with a bit of “soft-touch coating”.

I purchased a green “bumper" case from the Apple Store (for a whopping $29), and was pretty disappointed. The case was discolored by my jeans within days, and had stretched out to not fit the phone anymore from removing and reinstalling it a few times. See… to plug into my car (or a Zipcar)… the case must be removed. It reintroduces the problem with the original iPhone: recessed headphone jack. That’s right, Apple’s bumper case only supports Apple-sanctioned dock and headphone connectors. Forget most third-parties unless it’s “Made for iPhone” … which my car isn’t.

So, after my “Incipio Feather Case" arrived, I returned the bumper to the Apple Store for a full refund. Nice. The Feather case is beautiful, and fits the phone very well. No bulk, not as much drop protection, but offers great scratch protection. Also, the texture of it is fantastic. Not a huge fan of the Incipio logo, but the case is black and it doesn’t show much. I will say: I’ve heard online that the “lightly” colored cases (pink/baby blue/etc.) will discolor in a way similar to Apple’s bumper case. I recommend purchasing a darker color. Amazon has many colors for sale.

Also recommended: Cheap iPhone car chargers like $5 on Amazon. BlackBerry stuff is even cheaper… like $4 for an OEM wall charger, vs. $30 at the AT&T Store.

Incipio Feather Case. (1)

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