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iPhone 4: I'm keeping it!

22 Jul 2010  |  Tags: , , , ,

So, I’ve had the new iPhone for a few weeks now. It replaced my BlackBerry, which I’d grown to both love and hate.

After a thorough trial, and all of the updates Apple made from the original “iPhone OS” (which I didn’t like) and the present “iOS 4.0.1"… I’ve deemed the platform "bearable for those with high technical demands". For example: the "unified inbox" brings us one step closer to enterprise level email. Also, iPhone OS 3’s introduction of "Microsoft Exchange support" allows instant-push GMail in a native, “MobileMe”-like manner for users… for users without the need for MobileMe.

The biggest thing about the iPhone is that there’s very little to hate about it. It’s so well-designed, beautiful, brilliant, and fashionably advanced that even the smallest things I don’t like about it……. don’t really matter as much. The inferiority of the BlackBerry platform really drove me crazy over the smallest issues. Apple seems to get it right the first time… just while releasing new features more slowly. They listen to their users and focus on perfection. Slowly.

And, let’s not forget that it’s also a fantastic iPod. Hopefully we’ll be able to stream our music from the “iTunes cloud within the next 12-months.

My one wish: a today screen, or something. I don’t have any reception issues because I have a case, but instead what bugs me is the lack of information displayed while the phone is in its “locked” state. I realize this has its security benefits, but I would like to see calendar items or at least owner information in the event my phone is lost and the discoverer wants to return it.

My iPhone 4 lock screen.

In the meantime, I’ve designed a custom “wallpaper” for my phone, which is shown above, since iOS 4 allows a separate wallpaper for locked and unlocked states. It has my personal information and an alternate number to call… in case my phone is misplaced. I hope that Apple will eventually come up with a more elegant solution!

Favorite features of iPhone 4:

  • Voice commands (“Play album: OK Computer”, “Call [someone’s name]” … no setup required); works great with a headset or earphones that have a mic/button!
  • iPod built-in
  • Great battery life!
  • The form-factor of the phone is fantastic and has a very industrial look/feel
  • 720p video-recording + excellent still camera
  • FaceTime doesn’t use any cellphone minutes
  • Full Safari web-browser!
  • Skype is awesome on this phone, especially the new version they launched last night. (Just needs video calling now.)
  • The games are fantastic. I have SimCity and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars… whoa!

Overall, great phone. I hope everyone upgrades!

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